The Duster ‘n’ Tex Show

Duster Springfield is named after exactly who you think he’s named after, professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes.  Tex McCoy doesn’t get his name because he’s from Texas.  He actually hates Texas and will tell you any day of the week how much more awesome Oklahoma is than Texas.

The Duster ‘n’ Tex Show used to be a radio show until Tex matched all five lottery numbers (but not the Powerball) and walked away with a cool $250,000.  Tex spent all but $3000 to build a radio studio so he wouldn’t have to drive to the radio station.  With the remaining $3000, Tex bought three refrigerators and stocked them with plenty of beer.

As if the boys didn’t have enough going for them, they got into it with the TSA, got banned from ever flying in the United States again, and won a hefty settlement in the process.

So what do two rednecks with a lot of money do?  That’s right!  Whatever the hell they want!  The Duster ‘n’ Tex Show is a revue of the exploits of two half-smart smart and full drunk good ol’ boys from Gaston County, North Carolina.  They love everything southern from Smokey and the Bandit and girls in rebel flag bikinis to semi-trucks, guns, Coors beer, and NASCAR.  It’s front porch storytelling and blue collar comedy at its best.

Every episode of the Duster and Tex Show is available at

Single-Wide Ranch, Home of the Broadcasting Studios of The Duster and Tex Show

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