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Sci-Fried Eggs Episode 110 #150610

sci-fried-eggs-logoThis week the Sci-Fried Eggs broadcast live from Geek Out in Asheville, NC!  The Eggs talk with Charlie Caine’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse author Julianne Jackson and artist Stewart Williams.  Then the Eggs chat with The Walking Dead zombie actor Wallace Krebs.  And Doc and Chuck round out the show chatting with the inspirational author I.R. Harris!

Sci-Fried Eggs Episode 110 – Click to Listen or Download

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 110, Segment 1
Julianne Jackson and Stewart Williams Part 1

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 110, Segment 2
Julianne Jackson and Stewart Williams Part 2

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 110, Segment 3
Wallace Krebs

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 110, Segment 4
I.R. Harris Part 1

Sci-Fried Eggs: Episode 110, Segment 5
I.R. Harris Part 2


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Awesome Sauce #140421

little miss star wars

Hahaha…I hope so!  I really hope so!

Quote of the Day #120823

“The things we fear the most have already happened to us.”

Flash Traffic Priority Transmission: The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot

I mentioned Bride of Pin-Bot in one of my earlier posts, so I thought I would do a little research on one of the two pinball machines I remember so vividly from my childhood.

The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot was produced in February of 1991 by Williams Electronic Games Inc.  Their trade name was Williams, which you’ve probably seen on tons of pinball machines.  There were around 8,100 units of Bride of Pin-Bot produced.

As a teenager, it was hard to resist pure robot sexy and flashy lights and sound.

Even the sides of the machine screamed robot sex!

Stephanie Rogers

The sexy fembot has a voice too…and that voice is actress, singer, and musician, Stephanie Rogers.

Stephanie was in Sixteen Candles back in the day and was featured on both Second City TV and SNL.

You’ve probably seen her in television commercials and didn’t even know it.  She’s been in commercials for all kinds of products like Budweiser, American Airlines, American Express, Frito Lay, Boston Market, Bank of America, AT&T, Discover Card, Sears, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volkswagen, Miller Genuine Draft, McDonald’s, and State Farm Insurance just to name a few.

Stephanie is also a singer and musician.  She describes her music as a mixture of soul-singing and folk-rocking.  She has her own music label called Hip Chick Records and has three different albums.  You can check out her albums, songs on I-tunes, and book her band for your event at her website,

I even tracked down the clips of Stephanie Rogers as the voice of the Bride!

Stephanie Rogers – Bride of Pin-Bot Game Clips

There was an incredible amount of detail that went into the back glass of the pinball machine if you took the time to look.  There were workers who were still completing the Bride…

Everything from the American flag on the back of the crane, to the Williams billboard, to the detailed workers in space suits, to the welders and scaffolding, to the wiring hanging out of the high heel shoe.

And the detail continues on to the Bride as well.  My favorite little joke is the “No Step” warning across her cleavage.

As you may have imagined, just like Bride of Frankenstein, The Machine: Bride of Pin-Bot was a sequel to Pin-Bot, another very popular Williams pinball game.  Pin-Bot was produced in October 1986 and sold 12,001 units.

The objective of the game was to lock pinballs in certain areas to change the robot Bride into a human female.  The face toward the top of the play field was on a rotating cube with four faces, each one making the robot look more human.  The game could support up to 4 players at the same time.

And if you think the play field looks complicated, you should check out the guts of the machine.

Click to enlarge these pics.


There’s also a few Easter Eggs hidden in the machine, one being in the side box artwork.  If you look closely, there is a picture of a human face in the breast plate of the Bride.  No one is sure who the face is supposed to be.


And, in my research, yes, I found a hot babe posing with Bride of Pin-Bot!

So now you know all about Bride of Pin-Bot.  Yes, I did say Bride of Pin-Bot was one of two pinball machines I remember from my childhood.  What was the second one?

Indiana Jones, of course!  The pistol grip ball shoot is the best!

I’d Buy That For a Dollar! #120327


Colt 45 not included.  I know, what a bummer.

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