Why Awesome Gotta Be

This blog originally started as part of my state-mandated parole.  Let’s face it, a blog seemed easier to do than picking up trash on the highway or teaching ESL classes.  Plus, the state gave me a sweet, new, smart phone to be able to blog on the go.  I know, I know…not as cool as an orange vest and a sharp, metal stick, but you gotta pick your battles in life, right?

So here it is, all of the awesome I find in my daily life.  In the long run, this blog is for me.  But, if it makes you smile, or laugh, or prevents you from committing suicide, or keeps you from making a bad decision with a member of the opposite sex, or otherwise brightens your day in any way, then I consider it a win-win.  So feel free to donate money…or your body…if you’re a hot babe with questionable morals who is into experimenting a little but not into really crazy-weird shit.

So what will you find here?  Lots of stuff.  There’s all my writings.  Well, most of it is my writings now.  And there are all kind of others things to explore, like pictures (some I take in my everyday awesome life, some I find on the Internet, and some people send to me) and podcasts (I work in radio broadcasting, so audio is kinda my thing) and there are even some sexy ladies (because who doesn’t love sexy ladies).  So take your time, look around, and you’re bound to find something interesting.


  1. Love? Interesting closing…

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